The AFS fuel management system is unique and superior in the industry. We understand that our clients all have different organizational structures and needs, and our fuel management system delivers the quality and real time necessities required.

\ Web based

The system is web based which enables real time and efficient tracking of every fuel transaction across a large or small network. All of our customers have the ability to see real time data and make immediate fleet and driver changes.

\ Security

Security and tracking of your fuel is a key factor in choosing and trusting your fuel management system. With the use of our system, you can rest assured that the fuel you purchased ends up in the proper piece of equipment significantly reducing theft. Our Vehicle ID Technology may require vehicle and driver identification if desired to access the fuel thus increasing traceability by decreasing theft.

\ Real time

Through the use of our online portal, you have access to real-time data of your fleet. This allows you to see all fueling across many different locations at once.

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